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SOA Governance At Bea: Essential to your enterprise transformation strategy January 17, 2008

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Effective SOA governance is an essential element in any enterprise transformation strategy. It can help your organization achieve measurable, sustainable business value.

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What are some different ways your organizations data architecture can be illustrated? August 16, 2007

Posted by Peter Benza in Data Architecture, Data Security.
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One of the more common ways is with a data flow diagram.  A data flow diagram will allow the end-user to visualize the flow of data into four major sections – when it enters, when it is processed, when it is stored, and finally – utilized in the system.

This collection of diagrams represent the overall data architecture of your organization and useful when consolidating into a customer-centric single view.  Data architect’s are typically the creator’s or owners of this kind of information.  As a side note, the knowledge represented in a data flow diagram is sometimes summarized in a concept map.  A concept map is basically a data model of a data model.

You can also begin to see during this exhaustive excercise your organizations Intellectual Capital starting to being assembled and maybe even the foundation for some key data security policies and procedures to handling the same data.