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TDWI’s class outline on data quality assessment January 13, 2008

Posted by Peter Benza in Data Aggregates, Data Assessment, Data Consistancy, Data Profiling.
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This course gives comprehensive treatment to the process and practical challenges of data quality assessment. It starts with the systematic treatment of various data quality rules, and proceeds to the results analysis and building of an aggregated data quality scorecard. Special attention is given to the architecture and functionality of the data quality metadata warehouse.

MDM Accelerator® by Zoomix January 9, 2008

Posted by Peter Benza in Data Accuracy, Data Aggregates, Data Analysis, Data Assessment, Data Consolidation, Data Dictionary, Data Formats, Data Governance, Data Hygiene, Data Integration, Data Management, Data Metrics, Data Processes, Data Profiling, Data Quality, Data References, Data Sources, Data Standardization, Data Stewardship, Data Synchronization, Data Templates, Data Tools.
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by Zoomix.


What other data aggregate functions are useful besides averages and means? September 19, 2007

Posted by Peter Benza in Data Aggregates, Data Consolidation, Data Elements, Data Errors, Data Research.
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