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The idea for this weblog was first conceived by Peter Benza almost 10 years ago when he first registered enterprisedataquality.com.

If you want to add your company to this blogroll – please submit a comment below with details and a brief description about the data quality tool or service offering.


“I recently started this weblog to initiate a number of data-specific topics and encourage end-users, consultants, and vendors an opportunity to add their own questions, opinions and comments about enterprise data quality.

Other related topics have grown to include: data stewardship, data governance, data mining, data visualization, data integration, data tools, and so on.”

Peter Benza is a past graduate in 1984 of the Direct Marketing Associations, Direct Marketing Education Foundation (DMEF)


1. Data Governance - September 10, 2007

Hi Peter, check out my blog at DataGovernanceBlog.com Thanks!

2. Dylan Jones - January 16, 2009

Hi Peter, please can you add Data Quality Pro (www.dataqualitypro.com) to your blogroll, the independent and free community that publishes daily expert content, articles, tutorials and support on all manner of data quality topics.

Dylan Jones

3. Jim Harris - March 23, 2009

Hi Peter,

Can you please add Obsessive-Compulsive Data Quality (www.ocdqblog.com) to your blogroll?

OCDQ Blog is an independent blog offering a vendor-neutral perspective on data quality.

Vendor-neutral does not mean no vendor related content. When the products and services of vendors are presented or discussed, it will be done in an objective manner.

The goal is to foster an environment in which a diversity of viewpoints is freely shared without bias. Everyone is invited to get involved in the discussion and have an opportunity to hear what others have to offer.

Thanks and Best Regards…

Jim Harris

4. Tom Lee - February 6, 2012

Hi Peter
DATAVOTE is a new company working in the enterprise data quality space. We believe in cross enterprise data quality collaboration and have already signed large enterprise companies including an F100.

We clean, validate and consensus score millions of contacts for enterprises allowing them to see outside of their database without buying expensive lists. We do not share specific information between our subscribers only the consensus score.

Please could you add us to your blogroll?
Many thanks,
Tom Lee
CEO and Founder DATAVOTE

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