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NCDM tradeshow from early 1990’s August 19, 2007

Posted by Peter Benza in Data Elements, Data Management, Data Mining, Data Profiling.


Here is a old snapshot I found from a database marketing tradeshow I attended back in the early 1990’s in Orlando, FL. 

Data quality in the 1990’s equated to postal name and address information – address standardization, zip correction, phone number verification, first name tables, apartment number enhancements, area code changes, and probably the biggest – National Change of Address.  Today, data quality has expanded to include product data, item data, financial data, and other master data sources across the enterprise.

Service bureau’s like IRA (at that time) were just one of a few bureau’s remaining that were privately held who mass-compiled consumer data on a national basis and collected information like exact age, phone numbers, length of residence, dwelling unit type, dwelling unit size, height/weight information, voting preference… the list goes on!

Today, with the evolution of database technology, consumer data used as reference data, statistical analysis, and advanced data profiling tools – the database marketing industry has truely taken all these subject area’s to the next level. 

Best practices for database management, data quality, and data governance are now prime time and instead of organization just concentrating on how to cut costs (more) – they want to shift to increasing revenues – and to do that it begins with leveraging corporate data sources across the enterprise.


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